Saturday, 16 March 2013

Her :)

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

look at the post title.. o.O
can guest what is it? (no.maybe.yes?)
always like this for intro right? (with my totally broken english..OH MY!)

i just wanna say i'm gonna talk about someone and of course she is a woman.. :) HER
someone in the blog that i admired much...

I admire her sampai terbawa2 the way she write a post but kdg2 bnda tu automatik tangan yang taip...right?
if there is a peluang to meet her it will meant much to me (feeling)

every night will open her blog and read walaupun kadang2 sampai read the same post again and again... sangat...tak jemu langsung pun langsung tak.. (ape ni?)
the way she write is maybe from her deep heart sampai if kite baca we will feel the reality of the post.. seriously..this was what i felt when i read her post...

she inspiring me too :)

sorry lh kakak sometimes tertiru the way u are... but takde lah sampai i changing myself 360 degree..hehehe
she is..

kak Maria Elena :)
(senyap2 ambil dari google) hehehe
#but i tak lari daripada menjadi diri sendiri pasal post2 ni...its my story okey....hehehe

back to this post..
kak maria comel sangat :)

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that all for today :: sharing is caring :)


  1. kita pun rasa ape yg awak rasa ttg dia.... five sikit! :)
    have followed ur blog :)

    1. hehehe..kan.. yeay...give u five! already follow your blog too dear. :)